Thursday, May 22, 2008

casa. screenprints
tres. screenprints
ponce. screenprints
cuevo. screenprint. sleepy gently
maize. color corn. screenprints
pattern. screenprint, index cards.
the triumph of nothing. 3/08
15 min paper illustrations for the children in La Villita, Chicago.
mexican . so
violet papel
toilet tissue paper
for little paper planes


.girl ferment. said...

Your updates fill me with inspiration and make me smile. thank you for sharing your work. all look fantastic.

Angel said...

oooh soo beautiful as usual!

just to let u know i changed my blog (carpal tunnel)

so your blog is listed on my new blog too

hope ur well!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! you have such a great design sense!

Esti said...

So many beautiful things!!

gemma correll said...

i love your collages.

Alice said...

WOAW !! this is a complete treat for the eyes !! i love it :)

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..


Anonymous said...

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