Thursday, March 13, 2008

multi patch

the color glass pics taken on 10/11/2005 by me with a canon 20d
give color.
43 faced friends
4'"x4" thrift picture frame
lagris 9"x9"
8 screenprinted colors. no photo emulsion. not gocco
mixing and making colors

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

march likings

aleks and the drummer love, love, love this chicago band. dope skills.
Over the river by Christo and Jeanne Claude (this installation is still in progress, genius)
lot by alex post
circus bear by the good machinery
Chez Moi gocco print by fricdementol from portugal
polared by rod hunting
and then theres THIS guy shirt by esperAREwhy aनद रेसिविंग अ फ़ोन कॉल फ्रॉम अन ओल्ड क्रुष.गूढ़, बेर्री good