Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two Weeks in Iceland

Hvalfjörður, Iceland

Gathered goods.


Waterfalls or Glymur

Basalt Lava Rocks with Moss (a most beautiful contrast)
Bird Watching or My Small Big Year
Silica Water from the Blue Lagoon
Collecting Mussels for Lunch
Icelandic Krona

Calm Sheep
Hello Bangs!

 Pictures from Reykjavik.

(view from my rental)
I tried so hard not to photograph every colorful home, instead I put the camera down and drank coffee.
At Hex Hostel
Beautiful Lace Curtains everywhere.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (pretty colors)

Aero Pressed Coffee from Litli Bóndabærinn
 Church View- Hallgrímskirkja
Cat and Bike included!
Vintage baby strollers dominate the sidewalks of Reykjavik! 

 Follow the lines to the Lighthouse.

Glowing Moss found near the lighthouse.
Wildness Boutique Installation.
Wise Cat.

Big cars with big wheels, for easy glacier driving. 
Almost a dream, a menagerie of birds.

The North Atlantic Ocean

Adventures at Sea - Elding Whale Watching
"Meet us, Don't Eat Us!"

Lastly, The Northern Lights.