Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to make a pumpkin centerpiece
Tissue paper or paper towels Scissors Non-toxic glue Paint brush (to spread glue on the paper and help keep your hands clean too) 8. Or, instead of covering your pumpkin with rosettes, you can use the paper rope technique (step 5) to completely cover your pumpkin. Experiment with paints and glitter to create a more colorful or festive look to your pumpkin. You might try painting the stem or creating patterns and mixing colors. The project will take about an hour or two to complete. Let the pumpkin dry for 6 to 8 hours. 7. Apply glue on one side of the rosette and place on pumpkin. Start from the top near the stem and work your way down. 6. To create paper rosettes, start from one end of the rope and circle around, using your fingers to keep pressure on the center. 5. With your strip of paper, twist your paper (starting from the center) to create a rope effect until you reach both ends. Do this for every single strip you cut. 4. Cut your pieces of paper towel/tissue paper so that your strips are long and slightly wide (about an inch or two wide). If you are using tissue paper, fold the paper horizontally and cut about two wide. 3. With the paint brush, spread glue around the top of the pumpkin and glue the stem part to your pumpkin figure. 2. Crinkle newspaper to create a stem shape.

1. Start by crinkling newspaper into a ball to create your desired pumpkin size and shape.

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shellie said...

those turned out quite nicely!

paperfan said...

Really nices pumpkins! I like it