Sunday, February 14, 2010

Essimar Papel goods The loveliest ladies from Renegade Handmade. Thank you : ) Straight to work!
Daughter and Father concepting a card for Mom.
Emily and her beautiful hand cut card.
Visual designer and merchandiser, Anne Chernik.
Making a card for her sister starring in "The Vagina Monologues". Most clever card! Sarah Fox's most beautiful and delicate card. Linda Prieto
Tori and her big red heart! Elisa
@ Renegade Handmade Feb 13th
Louis from France
Dee from Wicker Park Good times, see you next time :)
Papel picado by Essimar Thank you Time Out, Apartment Therapy and an extra special xo to Sue, Che and Mat Daly.


Emily said...

Great pics! My bf loved his card. See you next time! :)

Anonymous said...


Sophie said...

Soooooooo LOVEly! your blog is amazing!

Isabelle said...

looks like everybody had fun !!