Monday, September 14, 2009

My handcut papel picado.
My flat paper sculpture.
Little Zachary Canines
Yum! Carrot cake from Milk and Honey!
Renegade after party
Timber by Sue Daly
Lovely weekend.
Ms. Angee Lenard
Caitlin Holcomb
Amazing Ms. Nadine Nakanishi of: Tugboat Printshop
Chad Kouri
Jesse Brown
My setup cute Cool handmade pins by:
Jill Bliss
Jill wearing my paper pin.
My simple series of print and collage. 1/4
Cool New friends, of course you know them... go lettepress!
Orange Beautiful
Rar Rar Press
by Rebecca Ann Rakstad
Chicago, Il


sarah said...

had a tiny moment to pop into your booth. it was all so beautiful + inspiring! you were too busy for me to say hi. hope you had a lovely time. :)

pyrgospress said...

This is aa great post thanks