Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A good day for cut outs. Tools: Creativity and a good Eye Two No.11 XActo blades 110 lb. paper Cutting matt Graphite Eraser and a soft bristle brush estimated time: 1 hr. Concept a shape with a simple pattern, sketch lightly your design on cardstock/chipboard.
Lightly with graphite, design a pattern. Lines and shapes are endless, create one NOW.
Begin to cut out shapes.
Start in the center and gently erase graphite and brush off with bristle brush.
Never touch paper with fingers tips, this may smudge and smear your delicate work.
Be patient and keep your area clean.
Eyeing and improvising your work is key. Having a sharp No. 11 Xacto blade is a must. If your tip snaps, replace with a new blade immediately!
Almost finished friends.
Add color paper, to emphasize cutout.
Congratulations you are finished and I hope you keep originality in mind.
Appreciate hand assembly today.


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Wow, I really love your blog. You totally make me want try paper cutting.

sc said...

What a sweet way of using layers!