Wednesday, November 26, 2008

sweet red tea potato
my fav dish ever
6 sweet potatoes (cut in half with skins)
1 red apple (cut in chunks)
3tsp of dry red tea
2tsp of raw sugar cane
1/4 of raw cinnamon stick
1/4 cp water
a sprinkling of salt and pepper (more or less for flavor)
cook for 45 min-1hr.
cool, smash/mix and serve
after cooled and mixed add
1/2 of unsalted sunflower seeds
dress with raw apples
*no nutmeg or cinnamon powder
*butter may be added
pan party


Anonymous said...

sweet red tea potato sounds yummy!

gwen said...

Inspiring post. I am a bit more hungry now :). What is the third picture from the bottom?