Thursday, January 3, 2008


i made the following during the holidays. roofs on thrift book page. 4 minutes tall-short houses on thrift book page. 4 minutes boring shit house. 4 minutes colored piglets. 10 minutes blah blah house on thrift engineering book.7 minutes more piglet. fast sketches. 3-4 minutes found Ernest Hemingway in east village, new york. made schack 10 minutes. to lamb making. i make many lambs because they remind me of my canine.
tulip love


Anonymous said...

those lambs are sooooo beautiful. you're so talented!

x said...

it's hard to refrain from becoming jealous when confronted with such talents. ie. i really like your stuff.

does essimar spell your name backwards or am i bushbashing?

karin said...

Great great works!!